Who are we?

We are bikers, walkers, drivers, seniors, and families with special needs who live on North Carolina Ave NE and the surrounding streets. We are standing up for democracy and demanding that the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) do its due diligence before seizing our street in its big infrastructure push.


The fix is in. As many of us feared, DDOT and their allies at WABA and ANC are on the same team. Our ANC Chair circulated a WABA-backed petition with residents that co-opt the name of this site. The ANC unilaterally voted on which bike concepts they want DDOT to consider, excluding the community compromise plan. All of our leaders were silent after WABA members stormed the neighborhood in the middle of the night to promote their shadow group and triggered house alarms. From the beginning,  we’ve asked for transparency, thorough planning, and community engagement to make an informed decision about the long-term future of our neighborhood. Instead, we’ve gotten broken public trust and backroom conversations. We're disappointed but not discouraged. Other Wards and ANCs are speaking up about their frustration with DDOT.



Attend the next ANC 6A meeting on Oct. 14 at 7 pm

The agenda is here and the call-in information will be published on Oct. 13 at www.anc6a.org. The ANC is set to finalize their preferred bike lane options to DDOT. Also, DDOT’s Interim Director, Everett Lott, is scheduled to attend. This is a great opportunity to get in front of senior leadership.


Testify at Everett Lott’s confirmation hearing on Oct. 26 at 12 pm

Contact Ms. Aukima Benjamin, Staff Assistant to the Committee on Transportation and the Environment, at least 24 hours prior to the start of the hearing at (202) 724-8062 or via e-mail at  abenjamin@dccouncil.us; witnesses will receive information on how to join the hearing at that time.


Pass Out Flyers

There are ~16,000 residents in ANC 6A, about 50-100 residents have attended the ANC meetings. That's a problem. We know that what happens on NC Ave will impact residents on surrounding streets and we refuse to settle for decisions made with less than half of the community's awareness. Send an email to Neighbors 4 NC Ave (neighbors4ncave@gmail.com) to help pass out flyers so our fellow neighbors are aware.


Vote for Your Preferred Plan

Speak up and be counted. The ANC ranked their plans but what's your preference? Have your say in the future of North Carolina Ave. We commit to transparency and publishing results so that you are not blind-sighted by decisions and know exactly where your neighbors stand.


Some Background
Having chosen not to include the 1300 block of North Carolina Ave in the C Street NE Renovation Project, DDOT has reversed course and now wants to seize our street and rush construction on a plan that will divert traffic throughout the neighborhood and potentially remove parking for those who need it most. We disagree with their approach of pushing cyclists' into Lincoln Park's mixing bowl of cars and buses, and increasing traffic flow near schools.

The Good News: We came together as neighbors and proposed not one but two community-led solutions that create space for cyclists to safely explore the city, honor the concerns of parents and vulnerable residents, protects parking (so neighbors don't compete for already limited spaces), and keeps D.C. on track to meet its green and Vision Zero goals. We even proposed that DDOT delay construction until after C Street NE is completed to avoid the unintended consequences of a short-sighted plan!

The Bad News: DDOT and their allies don't seem to care! They've dismissed our plans despite overwhelming community support, and keep giving us the false choice of choosing between cyclists and changing traffic patterns, over the concerns of fellow neighbors and families who have lived here for years. Some special interest groups have no respect for our neighborhood and the diversity of people who live here. They have called us "small, persistent, and vocal" for simply speaking up about our needs.

We love our community and don't think residents should be pushed out of their homes because of years of oversight and failure to plan. Join nearly 300 neighbors from North Carolina Ave and Lincoln Park who have signed on to our community plan and are demanding better from our city.


3 ways to take action.

DDOT has already threatened to issue a letter of intent (LOI) this fall. The window is closing for us to share our concerns, inform their plans, or stop this sloppy process from moving forward without thorough community engagement. Here's how you can help...

Click to sign our community petition

DDOT trusts computers and consultants, we trust the community. We residents know our streets best and created several proposals for safe streets for all– whether you want to walk, drive, or bike. Sign here.

Click to Contact our leaders

Our elected officials are supposed to represent us and right now we are being sold out and silenced. Tell our leaders not to make a rushed decision.


Share your story

How would changing the street affect you? Tell us your story. Film a quick video and email us at (neighbors4ncave@gmail.com), or or share your thoughts with DDOT (Twitter)(Facebook).

Contact our Leaders

These are the people who have the power to make our community solution a reality or stop DDOT from running our community over and rushing forward with a half-baked plan. Read about the leaders below and then click the button for their emails.

Click here for their emails

Amber Gove

Chair, ANC 6A

Amber represents the residents who live on the 1300 block of North Carolina Ave NE. Tell her to listen to her constituents and keep fighting for her recommendation to delay construction until after C Street NE is completed.

Will Handsfield

Bicycle Program Specialist, DDOT

Will has tunnel vision when it comes to helping out cyclists, but he can't miss the forest for the trees. Tell Will to pause, listen to the community, and create a proposal that looks at our neighborhood holistically.

Charles Allen

Ward 6 Councilmember

Councilmember Allen likes bikes (so do we!), but we need a plan that respects the various needs of residents in the community and considers our limited spacing needs.

George Branyan

Active Transportation, DDOT

As the active transportation manager, George oversees the development of modes of transportation throughout the city. Help George cover his blind spots and tell him what he's missing in the transportation plan.

Phil Mendelson

Chairman, DC Council

Democracy. Accountability. Community. These are words that should matter. As Chairman, Phil leads the Council on all legislative matters and wants the District to be a model of service delivery. Let's ask Chairman Mendelson's help to transform this situation from a hot mess to best-in-class.

The Community Proposals.

We've been willing to work with the city and have proposed not one but two community plans. We're conscientious enough to know that not everyone has the ability to live a car-free life. In our neighborhood, there are families with children, caregivers to relatives, seniors with mobility issues, children with special needs, widows with safety concerns, employees with equipment they must transport to work, and the list goes on. Our neighborhood is pedestrian-friendly and already has an existing bike infrastructure. We have enough common sense to see that it's a bad idea to remove parking and change traffic patterns without a plan for the entire neighborhood, not just one street, especially with crime on the rise. So, we offered solutions that connect bike the gap from C Street NE and won't push people out of this community.

Sign the petition
View Community Plan A

DDOT launched Advisory Bike Lanes (ABLs) on Kentucky Ave SE earlier this year. ABLs meet their safety standards and have the support of the cyclist community including WABA. This is an example of what we want to see in our community. Cyclists have designated space in both directions and we preserve parking on both sides of the street for those who need it.

Let's Stand Together.

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